Let God Teach You About God

You experience life’s complexity every day. But it’s nothing compared to God who is infinite, mysterious and far beyond your ability to comprehend. So what do you do? You could ‘dumb God down’ so God makes complete sense to you, describe God using so much theological language God becomes more of an idea than a reality, or just give up and try to do life on your own. But there’s a better option. Let God teach you about God. You’ll never fully comprehend. But you’ll experience exactly what you need to live.

God Moments

Today will be like a whole lot of days – problems to solve, things to get done and surprises with which to deal. Not surprisingly, you’ll spend most of your energy just taking care of everyday business. That’s exactly why today is a great day to break the cycle and start anticipating all the ways God is going to meet you. This isn’t just a nice idea. It’s reality. Because God meets you in every moment. Think what a difference this will make. You won’t just get through each day. You’ll anticipate God moments every day.

Talk About Power

The most natural thing in the world is to try to take control of your life and find answers that calm the chaos, make struggles easier, cause pain to go away and replace doubt with confidence. Sometimes it works. But mostly it doesn’t. And here’s why. The simple fact is that you can’t do it on your own. More importantly, you don’t have to – because God is with you. And when you’ve got God, you’ve got the most powerful force in the universe: divine love unleashed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Talk about power!

A Sunday Prayer 2/25/28


You have created the cosmos in its infinite vastness. You have given me the gift of life. You have created me in Your image. You have sent Jesus to draw me closer to You than I could ever dream. You have made me to live in relationship with You. I praise you, Lord!

You love me when I don’t deserve it. You love me when I ignore you. You love me when I don’t love myself. You love me more than I can possibly imagine. I praise you, Lord!

You reach out to me in the midst of real life. You mold, shape and fill me. You give me purpose and call me to embrace it. You call me to join you in Your work in the world. I praise you Lord!

Today, Lord, open my heart, mind and spirit to You. Today, Lord, help me grow in Your love. Today, Lord, let Your name constantly be on my lips. Today, Lord, let all I experience, think and do be through Your love.

Amen and amen.

Thank God Now

It’s a brand new day. And the most important thing you can do on this brand new day is what you should do every day – thank God. Thank God for the gift of life. Thank God for God’s love in Jesus. Thank God for being at work in your life. And thank God for the hope God plants in your heart. So here’s why it’s so important. Being thankful changes your heart, changes your attitude, changes your perspective and changes how you live. So thank God now, and keep thanking God until you find yourself doing it all day long.