We long to know You are real. To hear from You, see You at work and experience how You transform our lives.

But far too often, Lord, it just doesn’t happen. We look for Your presence – and see nothing. We pray for answers – and hear silence. We search for signs – and come up empty.

We know why, Lord. It’s because we insist on You being who we want You to be, You doing what we want You to do and You caring for us the way we desire.

So help us open up to You – with heart, soul, emotions and intellect – so we can experience . . .

   –   Who You really are.

   –   Where You really are present.

   –   What You really are saying.

   –   How You really are acting.

   –   What You really are offering.

Yes, Lord. Help us trust You because that is the beginning of discovering what we long for.