A Last Day of the Year Prayer

Dear Lord,

We spend so much time going here and going there. Become enthralled with gadgets that distract us. Embark on quest after quest to be entertained. Equate financial security with success. And make busyness the criteria for feeling like we’re fully alive.

Sure, it’s an energizing, exciting and enthralling way to live. But deep down we’re aware of what we lose. We miss countless opportunities to connect with You. Ignore what You say matters most. And never get around to experiencing the Life You freely offer us.

So on this last day of the year, we’re ready. Ready for You to nudge us – and if necessary prod and poke us – until we turn to the life You so lovingly offer. And ready to embrace it fully so that we truly know how to love You, love others and love ourselves.

May it be so in 2018.



(Almost) Done

2017 is (almost) done. As you reflect on the year in these waning hours, your thoughts include things you wish you had not done, had done differently or could fix. That’s the thing about mistakes, regrets and bad choices. They haunt you. But you cannot go back and live a single one of those days. Far more importantly, God is ready for all these things to be (completely) done. So leave what you need to leave behind, and get ready to live 2018 with the joy that comes from knowing nothing will separate you from God’s love in Jesus Christ.

God’s One of a Kind

Over 7 billion people inhabit the earth – yet there is only one you. You have unique DNA, personality and set of life experiences. What is more, God has given you unique gifts, talents and skills. So remember who you really are the next time you feel sad, depressed or lost in the crowd. You literally are God’s One of a Kind. So embrace who God has created you to be. Be the best you possibly can be. And live with courage, compassion and a desire to do God’s will in everything you do.

God’s Gift of a New Perspective

Does it seem that more bad things happen than good in your life? They may. Or it may be that you simply take good things for granted and give bad things far more power than you should. That’s why today’s a good day to start giving every single thing – good, bad and in-between – to God. When you do, you’ll discover that God gives you the gift of a new perspective, which will leave you more grateful, positive and able to live the way God longs for you to live.

Re-Gift God’s Gift

You know people who have just experienced a Christmas filled with grief, loneliness, family fractures, poverty, depression or hopelessness. But there’s still time to help them experience the true meaning of Christmas. Simply re-gift them with what God first gave in that stable long ago – hope, healing and new life – by offering unconditional love, time, a listening ear, compassion, generosity and faith.