Keep Asking

On the one hand, you always want to do what God wants you to do. On the other, you have real-life responsibilities like family, work, running a home and managing your finances. Sometimes, however, it may seem as if these two are at odds and you feel like you have to make a choice. But you don’t. In fact, you never do. Because all you need to do is just keep asking, “Lord, how can I use what I have to do right now to do what you want me to do?”  

Embrace God’s Hope

There may be something going on in your life right now that’s so broken you’re not sure how it’s going to work out. All you know is that you’ve tried everything to make it better, but none of it has worked. And now you’re close to losing hope. Don’t. Because your moment of deepest despair is the very moment you can boldly embrace hope. Not just pie-in-the-sky hope. But real hope that God provides. So embrace God’s hope right now. Hang onto it. And never let go.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a day to revel in the wonderful traditions, family gathering and moments of gratitude for all your blessings. Sure, real life’s there – perhaps in very painful ways. But this day is a gift that reminds you of the goodness of life God has given you. So enjoy all the things that make this day so special. Embrace every moment of hugs, smiles and laughter you share with your family. And take time to give deep thanks for the blessings of God’s grace, the gift of life and all that you have.  

Live Your Thanks

Giving thanks is important. Being a thankful person matters even more. But if you’re really serious about thanks, it’s time to live it. But how? When life gets difficult, take time to give God thanks. When it gets bleak, look for hope. When you get up in the morning, invite God’s grace to make you more graceful toward others and yourself. And when you feel out of sorts, lead with generosity. Living your thanks is not some tricked up way to make life better. It’s simply how God has created you to live.

Unexpected Thanks for Unexpected Things

Gut-wrenching experiences in life are real. But so is God. And this God enters into every painful reality in your life, grabs a foothold and goes to work. So much so that you actually move from giving thanks in the midst of your pain to giving thanks for your pain, because you experience God doing things you never could experience any other way. So don’t be surprised today if you suddenly discover yourself giving unexpected thanks for unexpected things.