A Special Invitation

Your life is changed by one moment in time – the birth of a child. It’s lived out through the circle of life – the beauty of the leaves turning colors each fall. It includes a trajectory that takes you into the future – your life-long journey to become more faithful, compassionate, graceful, generous and joyful. But one thing is clear – whether it’s a moment, the circle of life or your life trajectory – God is inviting you to experience the fullness of God’s love in every single thing that happens.

The Grace Filter

You live in a hyped-up world of instant communication in which people often share what they think before they think. The result is an edgy, opinionated and often nasty level of discourse that is dragging the quality of life into an increasingly downward spiral. Want to escape all of this? Put everything you say through the grace filter to see if it honors God, helps others and reflects well on you. You’ll still get to express yourself, but you’ll do it in a way that builds up and doesn’t tear down.

Hope Comes From God

Sometimes you lose hope. So you try to get it back. But hope is not based on how energetic, positive, motivated or good you feel. Hope comes from God because it is ultimately rooted in who God is, what God does and what God promises. So in those moments when you begin to feel like you’re losing hope, stop relying on yourself and start relying on God. Sure, it can be a hard first step to take. But when you do, you’ll discover that there is always hope. Because there is always God.

Investing in God

You get a new app and have to invest time to learn to use it. You get an idea for a business venture and have to invest blood, sweat and tears for it to succeed. You enter into a new relationship and have to invest your heart to make blossom. This is just the way life works. So why should it be any different in your relationship with God? Go all in and invest your heart, mind and spirit with God. You’ll be amazed at the return you get on your investment!

“Me Too”

First one woman had the courage to speak up about Harvey Weinstein. Then more women. Then even more. And suddenly millions of women on Facebook started using a two-word phrase, “Me too”, as a way of sharing that they also have been victims of sexual assault or harassment. It is heartbreaking that virtually every woman is subjected to this sinful and unacceptable behavior. Those of us who say we love God are morally compelled to step forward, say, “No more!” and work to ensure that young girls and boys will be able to grow up and never have to say, “Me too.”