Have Hope

Life often takes you places you never plan– or want – to go. And, sometimes, it takes you right into the midst of the chaos. If you pay attention, however, you discover that God shows up in that chaos at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways. Not just to check on you, but to help you discover how to grow in grace, wisdom and compassion in ways you never imagined possible even on your best days. So have hope – because you never know what God’s going to do next.  

You Can Defeat Giants

It may be today – or tomorrow or next month – when you face a problem so frightening that you’ll be convinced you can’t deal with it. So how do you fight ‘giants’ that intrude into your life like cancer, a job loss or being the victim of a crime? Be bold enough to believe you can win, remember how you slayed giants in the past and trust God enough to be on your side. When you do, you will make one of the most important discoveries of your life: you can defeat giants.



Of course you want to avoid pain – whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual. The fact of the matter, however, is that you’ve often got to journey through it in order to get to the life God dreams for you. Of course, this is hard because it means addressing the pain directly. But when you choose to do it, you discover just how much God is on your side; leading you to deeper understanding, a deeper relationship with God and a life with deeper purpose. And isn’t that what ultimately matters most?

They Are Just Like You

When you get to know the people in your life, you quickly discover how different they are from you. Some dress in ways you never could – or would. Others have so many tattoos and rings it gives you the shivers. A number have beliefs with which you radically disagree. And many listen to music that hurts your ears. But there is one thing that matters more than all of these differences put together. Each one of these people is a child of God for whom Jesus died. And this means they are just like you.

A Sunday Prayer 10/22/17

Dear Lord,

It may seem like just another day on the calendar. But it’s not. That’s because today is Your gift to me filled with hope, joy and possibilities I don’t even know yet.

But I want to. Indeed, I long to live robustly every moment all day long. But I need Your help if it’s going to happen.

So help me.

Help me truly appreciate the glory of creation. Help me fully embrace my unique purpose. Help me unashamedly love those closest to me. Help me compassionately reach out to those who are hurting. Help me laugh, cry, celebrate and mourn from the depths of my soul. In other words, Lord, help me connect deeply with You every breath I take.

I pray this boldly. I pray this with confidence. And I pray this knowing it is what you long for as well.