Jesus’ Gift to You

You are a child of God. Infinitely valuable. Loved unconditionally just the way you are. Worthy of God’s work in your life so you truly become the person God has created you to be. Someone who can make a difference on God’s behalf. This is not some “pie-in-the-sky” hope in the future. It’s reality right now that enables you to deal with anything that happens, transforms you from the inside-out and allows you to live with genuine hope. And here’s the best part of all. It’s Jesus’ gift to you.


“I’m Blessed!”

How often do you wake up and declare, “I’m blessed!” Or sit in slow and think, “I’m blessed!” Or struggle through a challenge at work and whisper, “I’m blessed!” Or rush home to take your two children to four events in three hours and tell them, “I’m blessed!” Of course there are times you feel more blessed than others. But, ultimately, feeling blessed is a state of mind that comes from knowing whose you are – God’s. So don’t hesitate. Proclaim, “I’m blessed!” all day long.

A Sunday Prayer 10/29/17

Dear Lord,

Your goodness permeates our lives. It’s everywhere all the time and in each moment we breathe. We see it in the beauty of creation, experience it in the joy of laughter and are filled by it in a human embrace.

Help us know Your goodness is not just an occasional intrusion, wish or dream – but reality itself. Let it define who we are far more than what we feel, think or say; shape what we experience far more than pain, suffering or death; and drive how we live far more than stuff, power and prestige.

And by the way Lord, we are bold enough to ask for all of this starting right now and lasting into eternity itself.


Exactly What God Wants

It’s important to know how much God loves you. But it’s also important to know that God loves others just as passionately, deeply and intimately. And so should you. Pray for those who are recovering from floods, hurricanes and fires. Make a special financial gift for children in Arkansas who are hungry. Spend time with someone you’ve been avoiding. Reach out to a young person who needs a mentor. Sure, it’s going to stretch you. However, that’s exactly what God wants.

One Simple Reason

You face a lot of scary things in life. When all is said and done, however, the scariest thing you’ll ever have to face is you – and all your brokenness, pain, guilt, mess-ups, questions and struggles. But you don’t have to deal with this stuff alone. God is ready to help you. In fact, God longs to help you. So take God’s hand, walk into the most painful places in your life and experience how God gives you new life for one simple reason: you’re worth it.