Sixty Years Ago

Sixty years ago a group of students, the Little Rock Nine, bravely walked up the steps of Little Rock’s Central High School and changed the course of history in the United States of America. While there has been great progress since then, there is still so much farther to go. The issue of racial equality, justice and healing is a moral issue because it is God’s issue. Which means something very fundamental. It is time for those who love God to love what God loves. Even more importantly, it’s time for those who love God to work for what God loves. Doing so will not be comfortable for many, and it certainly won’t be easy. But it is Kingdom of God work. And that’s the work that always matters the most.

A Sunday Prayer 9/24/17


My heart hurts this morning.

It hurts for those devastated by hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and floods.

It hurts for all who struggle daily to find clean water, food for their children and decent medical care.

And it especially hurts for the way we treat each other. We think we have the license to say anything about anyone anytime. We assume we have done something substantive just because we make a pronouncement on social media. We see those we disagree with as enemies whom we can justifiably treat any way we wish.

Lord, I know I cannot change the heart of anyone else. But I ask you to change my heart so I see every single person as your child for whom Jesus died. And that you do so when I least want you to.

I pray this in the name of the One who loves me so much he longs to transform me from the inside-out.


God All-Ways Loves You

You may be facing huge challenges today. Remember, all is well. You may be struggling with a reality so painful you wonder how you can possibly move beyond it. Remember, all is well. You may be feeling so anxious you don’t know how you will ever experience any peace again. Remember, all is well. So why should you remember all is well when it doesn’t feel like all is well? It’s easy. Because God all-ways loves you more than you can ever begin to imagine.

A Whole New Level of Living

It’s a new day. And it’s tempting to jump right into it. But before you do, spend some time with God. Read God’s Word. Listen carefully for God’s love stirring in your soul. Contemplate the amazing gift of life. Pour out whatever’s burdening you. Reflect on the most important issues in your life. Seek God’s guidance in all that you do. These simple acts will take a few moments out of your life. But, when you do them day after day after day, you’ll discover how God has taken you to a whole new level of living.

Your God-Given Passion

What gets you excited? What stirs your soul? What connects you more closely with God? That’s your passion and it’s God’s gift to you. God wants you to use it to share God’s love that brings healing, joy, justice, new life and hope to those around you. When you do, you’re going to discover just how powerful passion is because it gets things done, makes a difference and brings others hope. So discover your God-given passion and share it with others.