Poverty, racism, addiction, disease, violence and death are everywhere. Some of it so near I can reach out and touch it. Much of it so distant it seems a world away.

I confess it’s easy to ignore. Or turn into some political, ideological or economic issue. Or conjure up all kinds of reasons why I can’t do anything.

But it cannot be ignored, re-cast or explained away. And it can never be. Because it’s Your world. Your children and Your will for creation.

That’s why I need something from You. Far more than I can ever know and far more than I can possibly want. I need the gift of eyes that see as You do. A heart that loves as You do. A will that works as You do. And to begin where I always need to begin. With prayer for others, but also for myself. That I may be so filled with Your love that changes everything. That it changes me to do what You are calling me to do.