God’s Counting on You

God’s counting on you to make a difference for God today. It may be to call someone who is struggling. Or visit someone in the hospital. Or give assistance to someone in need. Or step in when someone is being treated unfairly. So why does God have such high expectations? Because God has created you to be God’s heart, hands, feet and mouth. So keep asking, “God, what do you need me to do today?” And when you figure it out, just do it!

When God Speaks to You

Have you ever sensed your hearing the same thing in your conversations with others, your prayer time and what you’re reading? This just may be God speaking to you. Often, it’s going to be challenging. And personal. And may even force you to change. That’s because God doesn’t waste time talking about what other people need to do. God helps you get in touch with what God wants you to do. And when you step out and do it, you’re going to discover it’s actually exactly what you want to do, too.

God in Your Life

Life happens. Events outside your control impact you. You make mistakes. Things change dramatically. You face new realities. This is real life, and it can beat you up and make you feel like a failure. But you’re not a failure – you’re never a failure -because God is weaving together all these changes, new realities and mistakes that occur to help you grow into the person God has uniquely created you to be. The question you have to answer is whether you really believe it enough to live it.  


Change is scary. It’s hard. Always a challenge. It might be something as simple as learning a new computer program, as complex as having to change some unhealthy ways of living or as painful as losing a spouse. In fact, even when you know things weren’t so great, you often wonder, “Can’t I just go back to the way things were?” That’s where God comes in. Because God helps you face change. Not just to survive, but to thrive. Not just in theory, but in real life. And not just in the future, but beginning right now.

Your Pain

Pain is a fact of life. While you know this, you still don’t like it. In fact, you often go to great lengths to avoid as much pain as possible. But pain will come back. Indeed, it always comes back. So how do you deal with this painful reality? By looking at your pain through a new set of lens that enable you to see that while God doesn’t cause your pain, God is going to miraculously use your pain to help you become the person God has created you to be.