New Beginnings

You experience new beginnings every day. Some are small, but some literally alter the course of your life. Interestingly, every new beginning is also an ending as you leave people you love behind, no longer do familiar things or give up comfortable roles. And so you grieve – even in the excitement of your new beginning. But you don’t do this on your own. God is with you every step of the way helping your past become part of your future, your sadness become part of your joy and your ending become part of your new beginning.

Exactly What God Has in Mind

The fact that God loves you is the best news possible. But what makes it personal, powerful and life changing is your willingness to accept it on God’s terms, and not yours. This means accepting it as a gift right now, not when you’re at your best or think you deserve it or are ready. Because believe it or not, that’s exactly what God has in mind.

Empty Your Life So God Can Fill It

When you move you discover clutter you haven’t seen or used in years. But it’s not just stuff that clutters your life. It’s also mistakes, bad feelings, things others have done to hurt you and painful experiences. The problem with all of this junk is it leaves no room for anything else, especially the abundant life Jesus wants you to live. Let God empty the junk by forgiving, healing and helping you grow so there’s room to fill you with the love, compassion, generosity, joy and hope that matter most.

Thank You

Your spouse. Someone at work. A person in the grocery store. Your best friend. These people help you countless times every day. Sometimes in big ways, and sometimes it’s hardly noticeable. But over the course of time it’s easy to take what they do for you for granted. It’s not that you mean to. It just happens. So today treat the people in your life as if God has sent them. Be aware of the difference they make in your life. Give God thanks for them. And make sure you tell them, “Thank you!”

The Amazing Thing About Amazing Grace

You are keenly aware of what money worries, discord in our nation, family members struggling with life-threatening illnesses, racism, hungry children and the opioid crisis do to those around you. Which is exactly why you also need to be aware of something else – the amazing thing about God’s amazing grace. Amazing grace brings healing, justice, second chances, new life and hope to those around you. But the truly amazing thing about it is that it invites you to be part of bringing these new realities God longs for everyone to experience.