What You’ve Been Looking For All Along

Life is filled with joy, pain, transitions, victories, defeats and taking care of business – often all in the same day. But something else also fills your life: God’s love in Jesus. This free gift reaches into every nook and cranny of your life and transforms your life from a series of random events into an amazing tapestry that takes you deeper and deeper into the heart of God. So take some time today to step back, reflect and see how Jesus already is giving you what you’ve been looking for all along.

Your Worst and God’s Best

You’ve been created by God to be in relationship with God and experience a life of deepest meaning. Not just when things are going well. But right now – especially if your life is difficult, painful or tragic. In fact, God literally cannot wait to help you discover that you have been created by God, can live in relationship with God and can have the richest and deepest life imaginable beginning right this very moment. That’s because it’s in your worst moments that God helps you discover God’s best.

Be Amazed What God Is Up To!

Sometimes God doesn’t do things the way you think God should. Sometimes God isn’t actually doing the things you think God is doing. And sometimes God does things you just don’t understand. All of which can leave you confused, disillusioned and angry. So why does this happen? Probably because you’ve gotten yourself into the trap of creating God in your image. But open your heart, mind, eyes and ears to God through Scripture, prayer and listening, and you’ll be amazed what God is up to.

Respond in the Right Way

Disasters happen. Some are natural and massive, others random and inexplicable and still others self-inflicted and personal. While it’s important to figure out what happened and why, it’s far more important to respond in the right way. And that’s always the Jesus way. Which means it’s not about analysis, it’s about prayer. It’s not about judgment, it’s about compassion. It’s not about blame, it’s about serving.

A Sunday Prayer 8/27/17

Lord, we need You to make it a grace day today.


So send it. Lots of it. And then some more. Until it fills us to overflowing.


But, Lord, You know we don’t just need generalized grace. We need specific grace. More to the point, we need just the right grace at just the right time in just the right way. For some, this may be unconditional love. For others, forgiveness. Others healing. For still others, repentance, transformation or the ability to live in a new way.


Yes, Lord, make it a grace day all day long. Then do it all over again tomorrow. And every day after that. Into eternity itself.