You Can Always Give Thanks

Something great happens and you give thanks. At least for a few days. But then life pretty quickly goes back to normal. But what if you could be more thankful more of the time? You can. That’s because God is present every single moment of your life – healing your pain, helping you grow in the least likely moments and allowing you to see how nothing ever can diminish your worth. Things may not always seem great – but God is always with you. And that means you can always give thanks.

The Kingdom of God

There may be days you don’t feel like it, wonder how it could possibly be true or come up with reasons why it just can’t be. But the fact of the matter is that you belong to God. And if you ever have any doubts about what this means, just look at the cross and see eternal love that is willing to sacrifice everything for you. Not to make you perfect, religious or impressive. But to love you into that life that Jesus calls The Kingdom of God.    

The Amazing Things

What a difference a day can make! Sometimes the change is painful and difficult; sometimes, it’s exciting and positive. But, regardless of whether that change is good, bad or not yet known, it’s always important to remember that God is walking with you every single step of the way. Even more incredibly, God already is at work molding, shaping and transforming you in ways you can only begin to imagine. So trust God to guide you, let God take the lead and discover all the amazing things God is going to do through you.  

Trust God More

How do you feel today? Nervous. Anxious. Excited. Blah. Uncertain. Any of these feelings might be appropriate depending on what’s going on in your life right now. But it’s also important to remember that how you feel does not determine the quality of your day – God’s grace does. And that grace is a pretty amazing thing. It comes uninvited, meets you where you are, embraces you unconditionally and then settles in for the long haul as it goes to work to mold you into the person God has created you to be. So go ahead and feel your feelings. But make sure to trust God more!

Open Your Heart, Mind and Soul

You were reared to be self-reliant, told repeatedly in the media that you can do anything you put your mind to and learned that you are responsible for your own well-being. And while it’s true, it also couldn’t be farther from the truth because living this way leaves no room for God. So if you’re ready for a life that will be far more than you ever hoped and dreamed, get serious about opening your heart, mind and soul to God moment-by-moment for a lifetime.