Your Why

What you do matters. But why you do what you do matters a whole lot more. That’s because your why is a matter of your heart, soul, character, motivation and relationship with God. If you’re concerned mostly about you, this will shape what you do. If you’re consumed with unresolved anger, this will control your actions. But if you’re doing everything you can to live in the gift of God’s grace, this will transform every single thing you do. The bottom line? Spend time working on your why and you’ll be a lot happier with what you do.

Jesus’ List

Your list of things to do today is probably longer than the amount of time you have to do them. But did you know you also have another list of things to work on? Well, you do. It’s Jesus’ list. And while it’s short, it’s essential. First, love God with everything you’ve got. Second, love yourself the way Jesus loves you. And third, love others because that’s what Jesus wants you to do. When you move Jesus’ list to the top of your list, you’ll have the most productive day you’ve ever had.


You don’t achieve a certain number of benchmarks and suddenly become spiritual. Being spiritual is how you choose to live every moment of every day. You try to be patient with someone when you really want to become angry. Trust God’s grace more than your ability. Share your experience of God’s love with someone when you’ve never done it before. Or set aside time to actually listen to God instead of charging ahead on your own. Doing these things – and many others – every day will not suddenly make you spiritual. But it will enrich your life beyond your wildest expectations.

A Sunday Prayer 7/23/17

Dearest Lord,

You have formed us and given us the gift of life. You love us more than we can ever comprehend. You are at work in the world in ways we do not see, know or imagine.

Open the eyes of our hearts so we may know all that You are doing. How grace is abounding. Salvation becoming. Forgiveness growing. Justice rolling. Compassion flowing. Generosity increasing. Transformation occurring. Hope flourishing.

We give our hearts to You. We offer our thanks and praise to You. We commit our lives to You.

In this moment and forever.


The God Reality

Horrible things that should never happen do. No wonder so many people try to make sense of them by making God, the devil or karma responsible. But rather than trying to find a purpose when terrible things happen, instead discover all the things God can do even in the worst imaginable situations. This is not some naive faith. This is the God reality. So when you are struggling the most, discover how God wants you to experience the God reality that springs forth from God’s grace, healing, growth, purpose and hope right in the midst of the pain that is all around you.