I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s a wonderful city, but something has happened this past year. Gun violence has exploded. Not only murder, but injuries to innocent bystanders; including children and babies. So once again I awoke this morning to multiple news stories about gun violence, including one about a drive-by shooting at a downtown nightclub that injured 17 people. I don’t pretend to fully understand the complexity of what is going on. But I do know that what should be greeted by a huge outcry has been greeted with deafening silence. Especially from the Christian community. So let me say it loudly and clearly. We are in a crisis. And the crisis must be addressed. Not used for a partisan political purposes, but addressed. Not manipulated to create greater divide among people, but addressed. Not ignored, but addressed. Certainly, it may be painful on so many levels to deal honestly with it. But we have no choice.