Quality Time

You can work hard and get a lot done done. But there’s a difference between the quantity of what you get done and the quality of what you get done. And that’s why it’s important to focus on quality time. Quality time with God. Quality time with your family. Quality time serving someone in need. Quality time making a difference. Quality time sharing God’s love. And quality time with yourself. When you make quality time a priority, you’ll discover the gift of abundant life that Jesus longs for you to experience.

A Sunday Prayer 7/30/17

Lord God,

You have created everything that has been, is and will ever be. Your vastness, mystery and power are beyond comprehension. All of the cosmos is Yours.

Yet You treat each one of us as if we were the only one You ever created. You love us unconditionally, patiently transform us and invite us into Your work in the world. Indeed, You know the number of hairs on our head.

We praise You for who You are. We thank You for how You love. We give You all honor, praise and glory for everything You do.

Now, may we live our days seeking to live out Your reality every day in every way in our lives.

We pray this in the name of Your ultimate gift of Yourself – Jesus, our Savior, Lord, Brother and Friend.


The Heart of God

The Heart of God is the largest, most amazing and most powerful thing in the universe. It has the ability to love absolutely and unconditionally. It can help a broken person who is just surviving become a human being who is thriving. It can take someone hell-bent on destroying others or self and transform that person into a compassionate, joyful and generous individual. And here’s the most astonishing thing about the heart of God – there is room for you. Right here. Right now. Just as you are.

It’s Pretty Simple

When all is said and done, life is pretty simple. It’s about you, God and others. It’s about your relationship with yourself, God and others. And it’s about the choices you make about what you value the most when it comes to yourself, God and others. Of course, just because life is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Which is why the most important thing you can do is begin with God. And God’s incredible love for you. And God’s hopes and dreams for you. And God’s commitment to always be with you.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

You have the ability to be snarky, to demean others and to bully. More and more people, however, seem to be doing more of these things more of time. And what is especially disheartening is that this fundamental shift seems to be led by our leaders. But just because you can treat others badly doesn’t mean you should. That’s because the most important issue is never what you have the right to do; it’s always what God wants you to do. And what God wants is very clear – love your neighbor as yourself.