A Sunday Prayer 6/25/17

Dear Lord,

Today I will experience joy, wonderful moments and signs of hope. They may be brief and fleeting: perhaps even bookmarked by pain and uncertainty. But they will be there, because You are always there.

Help me realize that each of these special moments is a gift of Your love, the power of Your presence is in my life and evidence of Your heart’s wish for me.

Use these moments to fill me completely, touch me deeply and allow me to linger in Your embrace all day long. But just as importantly, plant them in my soul as a foretaste of life with You forever more.



Stop and Start

You’re busy. Bombarded with information. And overwhelmed with everything you’ve got to do. So you try harder, work longer and become more efficient. But pretty soon you discover that it’s not enough. That’s it’s never enough. Because you won’t get anywhere unless you stop what you’re doing and start with God. So when you’re busy, stop and start. When you’re bombarded, stop and start. When you’re overwhelmed, stop and start. Stopping and starting may take you in a completely new direction than you thought you were headed. But it works every single time.

It’s More Than Enough

You probably won’t get through the day without challenges, struggles and, possibly, even tragedy. But God’s love is always with you. It will enable you to cope with anything and everything. It will sort through everything that happens and bring good out of something that is not good. And it will take your worst pain and transform it so it becomes something that helps God’s Will become a reality. Yes, God’s love is always with you. And it’s always more than enough.

God’s Got a Surprise in Store for You

You wake up and probably immediately start thinking about all the things you have to do, challenges you face and problems with which you’ll have to deal. If you’re honest, it probably leaves you feeling excited, exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed all at the same time. But remember: you won’t have to do it alone because God’s going to walk with you today. And while you can’t figure out in advance what this means, you can be assured that God’s got a surprise in store for you!

No Day Can Ever Be An Ordinary Day

You look at your calendar, discover it’s clear and immediately assume there’s nothing special going on today. Well you’re wrong, because God is doing something special in your life even on the most ordinary days. God is showering you with love – every day. God is calling you to a deeper purpose in your life – every day. And God is inviting you to make a difference in someone’s life – every day. When you experience just what God is up to in your life, you’ll discover that no day can ever be an ordinary day.