Three Important Questions

You can get a lot done when you set high goals, push hard and work long. But you may not get done what God wants you to get done. The reason is simple. When you spend your time and energy pursuing your agenda, you probably won’t have the energy to focus on God’s. So what can you do? Simple. Just keeping asking yourself three important questions all day long. “What are you doing, God?” “What do I need to be doing, God?” “How should I be doing it, God?”

God Has Given You a Mission

Your life is defined by your responsibilities, health, wealth, location, experiences, likes and dislikes. But there is one thing in particular that defines your life with absolute clarity: the one-of-a-kind mission God has given you that is based on your personality, life-experiences and spiritual gifts. So if you want your life to have a purpose – discover your mission. If you want your life to be filled with joy, passion and hope – discover your mission. And if you want to be closer to God than you’ve been in a long time – discover your mission.

God’s Gifts

“Today is God’s gift to you!” While these words are absolutely true, they can also can sound like a bad cliché when you are going through a particularly painful time. How can a family member dying be a gift? Or dealing with addiction? Or struggling to find a job? Well, today can be a gift because God gives you the gift of God’s of unprocrastinating love, deep growth and unyielding hope. Yes, today is God’s gift to you. But even more importantly, God gives you the gifts you need to truly live today.

A Reality That Changes Things

When you get the chance to take a drive, get out of town for a few days or go on vacation, you often see yourself, others, your life and even God in a brand new way. But sometimes you can’t get away. So what do you do? Remember that God loves you more than you can ever know, has got your back and is never going to let anything get in the way of that love. Because when you do, God can change how you feel about things any time and any place!

Abundant Life at the Most Unexpected Times

Life happens and it’s often painful, overwhelming and devastating. That’s when it can be tempting to just look out for yourself. Quite frankly, however, that never works. But there is something that does. Accept life on the terms it comes to you, and deal with it. Pray for strength, wisdom, courage and to be part of God’s solution. And join hands with others to deal with the reality you are facing. When you do, you will discover God’s gift of abundant life at the most unexpected times.