What Are You Going to Do With God’s Grace?

Grace is the expression of the fullness of God’s love. It’s a free gift. And ultimately it’s the most powerful force in the cosmos. But what makes this grace so amazing is that God shares it with you in the most personal way imaginable because that’s just who God is and what God does. So what are you going to do with this grace? Ignore it? Access it when you need it? Let it work its way into the depths of your soul? The choice is clear. Immerse yourself in God’s amazing grace right now.

You Can – Today!

You could make sense of your life – but there’s something more important you need to do today. You could accomplish yet another thing on your bucket list – but there’s something more important you need to do today. You could come up with all kinds of explanations about why things are the way they are in the world – but there’s something more important you need to do today. So exactly what is this ‘more important thing’ you could do today? Seek God, open your heart to God and ask what God wants you to do today. Because that’s the most important thing everyday – starting today.  

Memorial Day 2017

We are reminded on this Memorial Day how life is filled with too many horrible things that occur far too often – including the reality of war. And that’s exactly why we need to remember something. War always breaks God’s heart because it is contrary to God’s Will. War should always be an act of last resort because its effects linger, often for generations. War is sometimes necessary, and that’s when our fellow citizens who have stepped forward to give their lives on our behalf. So please make certain this Memorial Day that you that you offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the men and women of the military who have died – as well as all who have served –to keep us safe. For in a fallen world world, they offer each one of us an incredible gift of love.

A Sunday Prayer 5/28/17


Many people are grieving today. Some I know, some I’ll never meet and some I love dearly.

The depth of their pain seems endless – because it is: the death of someone they love, a shattered dream, a broken relationship, the theft of innocence, an illness that debilitates them, and even their own impending death.

But, Lord, Your love is far greater, deeper, wider and broader than anything that has, is or will happen in life. So send Your love, Lord. Send it in waves. Then send some more. And keep doing it until Your presence, care, healing, hope and joy fill to overflowing all who need it.

I pray this in the name of Jesus, absolutely trusting in the power of Your promise.


What Else Do You Really Need?

Life takes you on an unpredictable journey of joyful mountaintops, painful valleys and everyday existence. So what gives your life shape and meaning? God who created you. God who loves you passionately. God who has dreams for the world that you will help make real. God who comes to you in the most personal way imaginable in Jesus, and gives you the gift of abundant and eternal life. And God who longs to walk with you every step through your unpredictable journey through life. So when you have a God like this, what else do you really need?