Make Today a Forgiving Day

You won’t get through today without hurting someone. Nor will you get through today without being hurt by someone. That’s why the two sides of forgiveness are so important. You need to forgive others when they hurt you and you need to forgive yourself when you hurt others. If you can’t, you’re going to carry around hurt, pain, resentment and anger that will build up day after month after year after decade and literally poison you. That’s not good for you. It’s not good for others. And it’s not good for God. Which is why you need to make today a forgiving day.

This Choice Matters

You’ll make hundreds of choices today. Many will be routine, and you probably won’t even think before making them. Some may be significant, and you’ll have to reflect a bit because they have consequences. A few may even be life changing. And then there’s the choice you literally make with every breath you take. This choice is whether you choose to live with the understanding that God is real, loves you, has a purpose for your life, and is transforming the world. In a world where there’s much talk about God – but life often churns along as if there is no God – this choice matters.  

A Sunday Prayer 4/23/17


My life is a journey filled with all kinds of experiences. With things I never imagined possible, but they were. And things I prayed never would happen, but they did.

You’ve helped me realize something about this journey. It’s more than just experiences, events and what happens. It’s actually a journey into Your heart.

The truly amazing thing is how You help me get there. You love me just as I am with no ifs, ands or buts. You reach out and fill me to overflowing with Your unconditional love. You shape, mold and transform me through Your amazing grace. And You never give up on me.

So, Lord, regardless of where I go and what I do today. Help me make sure You are always my destination.


Living the Life

What if you messed up big time and you were able to say, “Jesus loves me so much he’s loving me just the way I am?” What if something fantastic happened to you and you were able to say, “Jesus loves me so much he’s still at work transforming me?” And what if you were in the midst of a very normal day and you were able to say, “Jesus loves me so much he’s inviting me to share in his work in the world?” Quite simply, you would be living the life Jesus dreams for you because you would be living in his love every moment of your life.

Holy Conversation

Your life is saturated with social media, unsubstantiated claims, 24-hour news cycles and more information in a day than you can process in a lifetime. Yet you long for far more – deep and poignant conversation about those things that ultimately matter most in life. So go ahead and take a step towards that kind of holy conversation today. Converse honestly with someone about Jesus’ love that is unconditional, transformational and invitational. Talk openly with someone who views life differently than you about what is – and not just what seems – truly important in life. And reflect transparently with someone about a life-changing question, “How is it with your soul?”