A Sunday Prayer 4/30/17

My God,

Sometimes it hits me just how much I’ve failed, fallen short, messed up, hurt others and disappointed You.

It’s so difficult to deal with this reality. So I do a really good job of explaining it away, looking for the upside, making excuses and doing everything I can to convince myself it could have been worse. But what I really need to do is just admit what You and I both know – I’ve done it yet again.

When I’m willing to get this honest, the most amazing thing happens. I am overwhelmed by Your love, I experience Your forgiveness, I receive second, third, fourth and one-hundredth chances and I experience the miracle of how You never give up on me.

Thank You, Lord, thank You for love that is so real, powerful and transforming it even works on me!


Are We Willing to Pray First?

We love to react, analyze and figure out what we are going to do next when something happens. And in a world characterized by division and demonization, our reacting, analyzing and figuring out often can become quite emotional. But the fact of the matter is that God wants more from us. God wants us to pray before we do anything else. Pray for a deeper understanding of what’s going on. Pray for wisdom and compassion. And most of all pray that God’s Will may be done. So the question each one of us must answer is really very simple – Are we willing to pray first?

You Can Always Trust God

Some days your soul aches. Maybe it’s because you’ve messed up. Or maybe you have no idea why. All you know is you don’t like yourself very much, you’re convinced others don’t either and you’re seriously wondering exactly how God feels about you. So what can you do? Run into the arms of God and experience God’s love that is so wide, deep and broad that you experience again you are unconditionally loved just the way you are. Because when you don’t trust yourself, you can always trust God.

What God’s Giving You All the Time

What do you want from God? Getting a miracle, fixing things so that you are comfortable, happy and carefree, and giving you wonderful promises about the ‘sweet bye-and-bye when you die’. And while God sometimes may give you the things you want, what is God actually giving you all the time? Cherishing you as a precious child, reaching out to you in your real life, saving and healing you, transforming you into a more loving person and inviting you into an eternal relationship. Which means today is a great day to go beyond what you are convinced you want and receive what God is giving.

Give Your Fears to God

You’re afraid of something. In fact, you’re probably afraid of a number of things. And sometimes they make you feel so weak, vulnerable and incompetent that you’ll do almost anything to avoid having to face them. That’s why you need to discover how much God wants to take your fears and turn them into strengths, use them to learn more about God or discover how they can put you in touch with someone you can help. So grab hold of your fears, give them to God and see what God’s going to do with them.