Life is always interesting, often fascinating and at times eerily unbelievable, and I have the feeling we have entered the ‘unbelievable zone’. Arkansas recently enacted legislation allowing the carrying of concealed handguns in a wide variety of venues – including certain athletic venues and all churches, unless congregations prohibit them. But suddenly a huge outcry has arisen to reverse that portion of the bill allowing the carrying of concealed handguns in athletic venues because of pushback from the SEC and the potential long-term negative impact on college athletics throughout the state. This call to change the law makes sense and should be heeded for many good reasons; particularly its negative impact on the common good. I must admit, however, that I am perplexed that these same people have shown little to no interest in thinking about the potential impact of concealed handguns in other venues in which they are allowed. Perhaps more importantly, it reminds me that not a single one of us (starting with me) is exempt from falling into the trap of getting energized only about those things that seem to negatively impact what matters most to us. But embedded in this reality is also a wonderful opportunity. It offers those of us who follow Jesus the chance to step forward and show just what it means to engage complex issues involving the common good. The question, however, is whether we will take this opportunity to do it.