Dearest Lord God,

I care deeply about Your creation, Your people and Your mission in the world to bring all things together in Christ so that your vision of abundant life becomes just as real on earth as it already is in heaven.

Yet I have a confession to make which pains me deeply. Sometimes – and more often than I care to admit – I am captured by ideology, politics and the cultural momentum that seems to fracturing our world into thousands of tribes where we only have to deal with those with whom we agree. And, in the process, self-centeredness, intolerance and my comfort zones become the most important values.

I am sorry, Lord. Deeply sorry. And I want to change. So please help me do what I long to do but struggle to do on my own – embrace The Way You offer in Jesus Christ. Let me continually accept him as Savior and Lord. Follow him through life. And live his compassion, justice, grace, generosity, joy and hope.

May it be so, Lord.