The Perfect Time to Turn to God

Some days are smooth, easy and you feel in absolute control. That’s when you need to turn to God. Other days are rather mundane. That’s when you need to turn to God. And then there are those days when you make mistakes, the unexpected happens and it seems like nothing is going right. That’s when you need to turn to God. So turn to God when you get up and when you go to bed. Turn to God when you feel like you need to and when you don’t feel like it at all. And turn to God when everything is great and when your life has tanked. Because every moment is the perfect time to turn to God.

You Always Get To Choose

Here are some ‘facts of life’. Fact #1: Life often happens so fast and furious that sometimes the only thing you can do is hang on and react to whatever happens. Fact #2: You’ll have some tough days and will experience setbacks. Fact #3: As much as you probably hate to admit it, there will be times you will really mess up. But regardless of what happens, there’s another ‘fact of life’ that is more important than all of these put together. You get to choose. Indeed, you always get to choose. So choose to love God, follow God and live God’s way. After all, God has already chosen you – and you can count on that for an eternity.

God Is All Around You

Sometimes you wonder about God. But look at a beautiful sunrise and you’ll know God has created the universe. See the joy of a young parent holding a child and you’ll have no doubt that God is love. Listen to a moving piece of music and you’ll sense that God is infinitely creative. Watch two people reconcile and you’ll see that God is hope. Experience the pain of seeing an innocent child suffer and you’ll believe that God is compassionate. Today let everything you see, feel, hear and hold remind you that God is not merely an idea human beings have created to feel better about our existence. Rather, God is all around you right now.

Believing Is Seeing

How often will you see God today? If you don’t believe that you’ll see God very much, God will probably seem absent. But if you believe that you’ll see, hear, feel and encounter God, today will be a great spiritual adventure of discovering how God is everywhere you go and in everything you do. So choose to believe that you’ll see God today in the people you meet, the things you do, the tasks you have to accomplish, the mistakes you make and the triumphs you experience. But, most of all, believe that you’ll see God because God is already holding you in the palm of God’s hand.

A Sunday Prayer 2/19/17


I’ve lived a long time and experienced a lot. Great pain and deep joy. Total failure and absolute forgiveness. Complete brokenness and miraculous healing. Utter despair and endless hope.

Thankfully, I’m finally beginning to get what You’ve been trying to tell me all along. Fame, acclaim and success are fleeting. Money, possession and stuff truly do lose their luster. Power, victory and control are just illusions. Only one thing ultimately matters – You and Your grace, forgiveness, healing, vision, joy and hope.

So, Lord, help me leave behind all the unimportant things I have made so important and embrace the most important thing of all – Your gift of Jesus. Because he is how I experience the fullness of all You offer. Right here. Right now. And always.