I’m beginning with a confession this morning that’s no surprise to you. I spend a whole lot more time asking for help than I do thanking You. And the irony is that I could spend all of eternity thanking You and still would have more to do.

So let me begin today in the right way.

Thank You for Your love.

Thank You for forgiveness that wipes the slate clean.

Thank You for healing that comes from the inside out.

Thank You for holy transformation.

Thank You for helping me become more generous, compassionate and loving.

Thank You for the privilege of serving in Your name.

Thank You for true hope that never diminishes.

Thank You for my family who loves me and whom I can love.

Thank You for those who go out of their way to be graceful.

Thank You for those who teach me the ways of love every single day.

Thank You for those who forgive me when I fail them.

Thank for every blessing I have.

And most of all, thank You for life in Jesus.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.