Let God Feed You

You may not know it or be aware of it. But it’s true. You’re hungry. Really hungry. In fact, you’re famished. Not for food. But for God’s love. It’s a love that takes the initiative to come to you, embraces you completely and unconditionally, fills you to overflowing and will never be satisfied leaving you just the way you are. This means your choice today is really pretty simple. You can go through the day doing everything you need to do, think you should do and want to do and, then, simply call it a day. Or you can make it a priority to let God feed your ‘soul hunger’ all day long.

The Blessing of Grinding It Out With Jesus

It sure would be nice if the whole being a Christian thing guaranteed your life would always be easy, fun and joyful. But life’s not like that – and faith’s not like that. You turn to God, but there’s no miracle. You pray, and nothing changes. You call out, but God seems silent. That’s when you need ‘grind it out faith’. It’s faith that trusts God even when it’s hard, believes God is at work even when you don’t see any signs and always has hope that God is at work. So when things are toughest, discover the blessing of grinding it out with Jesus.

A Sunday Prayer 2/26/17

Dear Lord,

I long for the fullness of Your love.

I don’t just want to read and pray and sing and hear about it. I want to experience it fully all day long. In each moment. In every situation. As a force so powerful it literally shapes what I think, do and believe. So much so, it turns my sorrow into joy. My uncertainty into hope. My failure into growth. My questions into answers. And my selfishness into compassion.

So come, Lord, come. Keep coming all day long. And bathe me in Your love.


The Very Best Possible Day

Want to have the best possible day of your life? Don’t spend your time just hoping it happens, trying to make it happen or getting trapped into thinking why it can’t happen. Instead, just to do the one thing it takes: open your heart to Jesus. Don’t try to impress him or fool him. Just give him the real you. Let him love you. Let him forgive you. Let him transform you from the inside out. Let him call you to follow him. And let him lead you every step of the way.

Need a Trust Infusion?

Sometimes you have to do something you’ve never done before. And you dread it. Sometimes you have to de something you’ve done before. And you dread it. Or, sometimes, you just have to do something. And you dread it. Dread enough things long enough and pretty soon you end up dreading life itself. That’s when you need a trust infusion. Not just any old trust, but God trust. Trust God to always be with you. Trust God to walk you through what you have to do. Trust God to help turn that thing you dread into a positive experience. A trust infusion won’t fix every difficult thing you have to do. It will, however, go a long way toward fixing you.