As we begin this New Year, I feel my heart – imperfect as it is – filled with Your compassion, joy, generosity and hope. Thank You for this gift that allows me to experience a taste of Your abundant and eternal life right now. So much so, that the only thing I can do is pray; trusting that my imperfect prayer will be made perfect in Your heart.

I pray all people will experience how Your grace in Jesus Christ fills them to love overflowing.

I pray for those who are trapped in depression, abusive relationships and addiction.

I pray for peace for individuals, families, communities, nations and our world.

I pray for justice for those who are oppressed and struggling just to survive.

I pray for reconciliation wherever there are broken relationships.

I pray for spiritual revival among those who love Jesus.

I pray that Jesus’ followers will reach out and share the Good News of God’s love in the ways people need it most.

I pray for Your hope to fill every nook and cranny of our world.

I pray for exactly the grace people need in all the ways they need it exactly when they need it most.

But most of all, I pray that Your will shall become just as real on earth as it already is in heaven.

And I pray all of these things praying that I will be able to trust You more and more and more.