An unplanned pregnancy. A harried trip to Bethlehem in response to a government edict. No place to stay. The birth of a child in a stable. Shepherds visited by singing angels. A star. An evil king seeking to kill a small child. Pagan kings traveling to find a Savior. Talk about chaos! Yet it was through this chaos that God entered the world as a baby. A different kind of chaos reigns today. Financial struggles for millions. Substance abuse that destroys lives. Families breaking up. Technology that threatens to mimic science fiction’s worst nightmares. Terrorism. Thousands of children dying from diseases of poverty every single day. But if you look through eyes of faith, you’ll see something besides just the chaos. You’ll see – and be embraced by – the child born in a manger who is bringing new life out of the chaos. In your life. The lives of those you love. And the world.