In these waning days before Christmas that are filled to overflowing with shopping, cooking and travel preparations, we ask Your help to get ready for that cosmic thing You did long ago.

We admit it makes no sense. We acknowledge there are times we struggle with the fact You became one of us, came to us and shared the fullness of Your love right in the middle of the muckiness, pain and sin of human life. And we confess we sometimes doubt You did all of this through the birth of a child.

But we don’t want to miss a moment of what life can be like because of the Christ child. So fill us with Your Christmas Possibilities that allow us to do what we cannot do on our own – embrace that which makes little sense, live our lives in the reality of the Incarnation and see all of life through that tiny child in a manger.

And we ask all of this because we want to ready to truly celebrate Your audacious love from the fullness of our hearts when Christmas arrives!