You watch “TV preachers” talk about planting a financial seed gift with them so that God will bless you financially. You observe “people of faith” spewing forth hatred in the name of God. And you sometimes listen to an entire “sermon” and never hear the name of Jesus. It’s sad whenever this occurs. It’s even sadder how often it happens. But what’s saddest of all is that it happens so often. So what can you do? Refuse to watch “TV preachers” unless they build on a foundation of grace. Counter hatred from “people of faith” with a witness of compassion. And seek out “sermons” filled with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It’s not that you’re trying to create a God you like. It’s just that you’re being passionate about building your life on the God who is abundantly clear about what matters most, how you should live and the way you need to keep growing in faith.