Good morning, Lord!

It’s another Sunday. A day like any other in so many ways. And, yet, it truly is special because it’s Your day.

So what do You want from me today?

Probably what You want every other day. To love You with everything I’ve got. To go all in as I follow my Savior and Lord. To live by the power of the Holy Spirit. And to love others with my whole heart and life.

But as You know so well, that’s a monumental task – perhaps, even impossible – if I try to do it on my own. And that’s why I’m going to start with what matters most of all – praising You.

Praising You because You are God. Praising You for the wondrous gift of life. Praising You for never giving up on me. Praising You because that is simply what You have created me to do.

And then doing it all over again!