It’s Your Journey

God has a dream for your life. And achieving it doesn’t just mysteriously happen. It’s a long – and sometimes painful and difficult – journey that literally lasts a lifetime. You have to commit to going all in and be willing to deal with some difficult things along the way in order to get where God wants you to go, be who God wants you to be and live the way God wants you to live. But it doesn’t matter who you are, how you feel or what’s going on in your life – you can begin your unique journey today. So open your heart and mind to God. Let God show you the way you must travel. Put your absolute trust in God every step of the way. And remember: once you take the first steps on the journey, you’ve already begun to live God’s dream for your life.

The Grace Embrace

Weapons of Mass Destruction are powerful. As are hurricanes. And rockets that send satellites hurtling into space. But there’s something far more powerful than all of these things put together. It’s God’s grace. And the amazing thing about this grace is just how personal it is. It seeks you out. Embraces you just the way you are regardless of what you’ve done or has been done to you. Heals, restores and transforms you. And makes real those things you have only dreamed about. So here’s your work for today while you do everything else you have to do. Lean into God’s grace embrace. But beware. It won’t be as easy as it seems it should be because you will probably come up with all kinds of reasons why you can’t do it. But even as you hesitate, make excuses and try to do it on your own, God’s grace embrace still awaits.

The Main Thing

Your life is filled with details, details, details – like paying bills, getting your kids to school, taking the right meds at the right time, planning for the holidays and on and on and on. While it’s important to do a good job taking care of all the details in your life, you sometimes can get so caught up in them that you forget the bigger picture. That’s why it’s important to remind yourself again and again that the most important thing about your life is that you are created to love God with everything you’ve got and to love others boldly, especially those you wouldn’t normally think about. So keep the main thing the main thing – and discover how it keeps all the details in proper perspective, ensures they don’t overwhelm you and guarantees they are things you do and not things that define who you are.

A Sunday Prayer 9/4/16

Dear Lord,

Some days life is exciting, wonderful and joyful. Other days it is painful, difficult and overwhelming. But most days it is routine, mundane and normal.

On good days we praise You. On painful days we call out to You. But most days we just think about You occasionally.

Lord, we know You are with us every day. Reaching out to us. Entering into our lives. Filling us to overflowing with Your unconditional love. Calling us to live Your purpose for our lives. Challenging us to be the people You have created us to be.

And we are so glad.

But mostly, Lord, we thank You for simply journeying through life with us. Day by day. Week by week. Year by year. Because this reality means we already have everything we need.


Seriously Listening to God

The world has shrunk and technology exploded to the point you are bombarded with increasing amounts of information every day. While you may be tempted to try to keep up with it all, you can’t. Even more importantly, you can easily miss hearing God in the midst of all the noise. So what can you do to listen to God? Be clear it’s actually important enough that you’re willing to make it a priority. Listen often, listen carefully, listen in places you’re not used to listening, and listen with both your heart and mind. And when you hear God speaking, make sure you continue the conversation. Get this serious about listening to God and you’ll discover something. God is speaking to you. God is speaking in a way that’s relevant to your life. And God is speaking in a way that’s going to change your life.