Being You

Sometimes you feel pressure to package yourself to meet someone else’s expectations. But, as soon as you begin living out another’s persona for you, you feel discombobulated because it’s just not you. At other times, you go out of your way to prove to someone that you’re in control of your life. But, as soon as you do this, you realize that another person is still controlling you because you are reacting to them. So how do you be the unique you God is calling you to be? Embrace your unique experiences, personality, convictions, hopes and dreams so you can become the best you that you can possibly be. Not by insisting on doing it your way, but by letting God’s gift of love that accepts, fills, forgives, heals, shapes and transforms you do what God alone can do – help you do it God’s way.

Where Is God?

You could be excited because life is good or you could be exhausted because every day is a struggle. You might have a great day planned or you might be clueless about what’s going to happen next. You may feel like your life has purpose or you may conclude it’s just a jumble of unconnected events. Most likely you feel a bit of all of these things, which is why it’s time to ask the question, “Where is God?” You can answer this question by humbly calling out, “God, I’m ready to experience your unconditional, transforming and invitational love more than anything else!” And while you can’t force God to show up, God will. Because that’s just what God does. So seek God – today. Expect God – today. Look for God – today. And experience how God’s presence changes everything – today.

A 9/11 Prayer

Dear Lord,

It hardly seems possible it’s been fifteen years since that day our nation was attacked, thousands of innocent people perished and heroism flourished in so many ways.

We were in shock – filled with disbelief, fear, confusion and outrage. Yet we came together as a people, and the world stood with us as we mourned, stood tall and were at our best.

Today we remember, cherish those who were lost, pray for those whose lives are still shattered and stand vigilant for freedom. But we also sadly acknowledge that something has changed: we are a divided people. So we pray on this day of remembrance that You will help us forgive each other, seek reconciliation with each other and build bridges of understanding with each other.

Quite simply, Lord, we long to once again be at our best.


Give God Thanks for Inconveniences

Sometimes bad, painful or tragic things happen, and they’re horrible beyond words. Sometimes things happen that seem bad, painful or tragic, and they’re actually just inconveniences. You often invest a great deal of time and energy getting all worked up about these inconvenient moments, even when you try not to. That’s when you need to remember that God’s love is far bigger than any inconvenience you experience. And that’s when you need to spend your time and energy accepting your place in God’s love instead of getting worked up about all the inconveniences you’ll encounter. As you do, you’ll discover God’s amazing ability to so help you place those ‘huge’ inconveniences in proper perspective that you’ll be able to give God thanks for the way they actually become a means of grace in your life.

Are You Really Ready for God’s Love?

God loves you regardless of what you do or don’t do because that’s just who God is. God offers you more love than you can ever imagine, more love than you can ever use and more love than you will ever need because that’s just who God is. God enables you to experience new beginnings, become the unique person God has created you to be and bear the fruit of God’s love in real ways that make a real difference because that’s just who God is. And because that’s just who God is, God passionately longs for you to experience the fullness of God’s love starting right now. Sounds great, right? Of course! But it also means you have to answer one of the most important questions you’ll ever have to answer in life. Are you really ready for God’s love?