It’s happened again, Lord. You’ve zinged me and gotten my attention. And it stings, hurts and challenges me all at the same time.

Of course, I’m tempted to ignore it. But I can’t. And You wouldn’t let me even if I could because You know it’s something I need to address.

So here’s what You’ve helped me realize. I need to stop fixing other people – and start worrying about myself. I have to quit being judgmental – and start being a whole lot more compassionate. I had better stop trying to be in charge – and start letting You lead.

This is not some kind of “I sure am bad” confession. It’s just reality. And I can talk about it openly because of Your unconditional love, Your investment in me and Your desire for me to thrive as Your child.

So, Lord, keep coming at me, again and again if need be. Let me welcome Your involvement in my life. Let me become more humble. Let me grow in love. Then grow some more. And then grow even more.

Because this truly is an amazing gift You give me!