Unleash Your Passion

What do you love to do? What gets you excited? What stirs your soul? What brings you great joy? What do you get passionate about? Most likely, ‘that thing’ is a special gift God has given you. But it’s not something you can hide or hoard. God has given it to you to unleash in the unique way only you can. Sure, it may be a scary. But when you put your passion to work, you’re going to discover something amazing. Passion doesn’t just analyze – it gets something done. Passion doesn’t just complain – it makes a difference. And passion doesn’t just judge – it changes things for the better. So get in touch with God’s passion. Claim it as your own. And put it to work. There’s no telling what a difference it will make. To God. To others. And to you.

A Sunday Prayer – 9/18/16


It’s happened again, Lord. You’ve zinged me and gotten my attention. And it stings, hurts and challenges me all at the same time.

Of course, I’m tempted to ignore it. But I can’t. And You wouldn’t let me even if I could because You know it’s something I need to address.

So here’s what You’ve helped me realize. I need to stop fixing other people – and start worrying about myself. I have to quit being judgmental – and start being a whole lot more compassionate. I had better stop trying to be in charge – and start letting You lead.

This is not some kind of “I sure am bad” confession. It’s just reality. And I can talk about it openly because of Your unconditional love, Your investment in me and Your desire for me to thrive as Your child.

So, Lord, keep coming at me, again and again if need be. Let me welcome Your involvement in my life. Let me become more humble. Let me grow in love. Then grow some more. And then grow even more.

Because this truly is an amazing gift You give me!


An Everyday Miracle

It’s a brand new day. Sure, what happened yesterday will have an impact. And, of course, you’re already charting a course for tomorrow. But this is the day God has given you to live as if it is the only day you will ever have. So seek God with all your heart, soul, mind and heart. Welcome God’s love. Open yourself completely to God who will leave you different at the end of the day than you were at the beginning. Love God with everything you’ve got. And celebrate God’s love that is so personal you experience God walking with you all day long. As you experience God’s love in all these ways, get ready for an everyday miracle: you will be freed to live with joy, passion, hope, compassion, generosity, humility, wonder and gratitude regardless of how you feel, what’s going on or what you have done.

Inside-Out Change

You look at what you have to do today and get extremely stressed just thinking about it. You find yourself getting bored doing the things that used to bring such joy. You start thinking there’s just got to be more to life than you’re experiencing. So what do you do? You decide to change your life by moving somewhere else, marrying someone else or doing something else. So you do and it does – for a little while. Until you discover you’re starting to feel exactly the same way you used to feel. But God is walking with you – patiently. God is reaching out to you – always. God is loving you – unconditionally. And when you put all of this together, you discover one of the greatest truths of life: the best way to change your life is to let God change you from the inside out!

Don’t Fear Your Fear


Terrorism. Your child being apart from you. Mass shootings. Cancer. Flooding. Being left alone. Having enough money in retirement. These things are real probably strike fear in your heart. Fear starts with a single event, grows over time and can eventually infect every thought you think, every breath you take and every thing you do. It is like a thick wet blanket thrown over you that suffocates you. And it often leaves you feeling absolutely powerless. But God is not powerless in the face of fear. And God doesn’t want you to feel powerless either. That’s why God comes to you right in the midst of your fear and shares love that enables you to overcome any fear. So choose God over fear. Discover how God frees you from your fear. And experience that you don’t need to fear your fear any longer!