You Can Make a Difference for God

You will be with lots of people in lots of places doing lots of things today. Some of these moments will be pleasant, others routine and still others may be quite difficult. But regardless of what is going on, you have the potential to make a difference for God regardless of where you are: the store, your child’s soccer game, dinner with friends or even church. The reason is simple. God is giving you a personal invitation to do it. And while you may be filled with doubts about what you can do, you will be amazed how God is going to help you do far more than you ever imagined. So open your heart to God, expect to make a difference for God, reach out to someone in the way only you can and experience the difference God wants to make through you.

Today Is a Gift from God

You may hate the weather today, be in a horrible mood, mess up royally, be hurt deeply, regret how you treated someone or any of a thousand other things. So it’s no surprise when you do your best to try forget today as quickly as possible. But guess what? Today is a gift from God. Of course, there will be challenges, struggles and painful moments. Maybe even more than you possibly think you can handle. But today is God’s gift to you because God is with you every single moment, beckoning you to experience God’s love more and more deeply, inviting you to enter into a deeper relationship with God, helping you to grow in generosity, compassion and humility, and challenging you to find more ways to share God’s love with others. Yes, today is a gift from God. And that means you have every reason to rejoice in it.

Live God’s Way

You don’t like it and you’re certainly not proud of it, but it’s the way things are. You wake up too many days hoping you’ll be able to survive the day, anticipating how all your problems will make it hard to be filled with joy and not being able to shake the feeling you are an absolute failure. And while all of this is reality, you know this is not how God created you to live. God wants your life to be defined by the reality that you are going to meet God every day. This isn’t just some nice sounding platitude. It is reality. Because God meets you in every moment, especially when you don’t think there’s any possibility it can happen. And when God meets you, God gives you everything you need to live God’s way. Which means you can wake up every day excited, hopeful and anticipating what God has in store for you next.     

How God Loves You

You’re bombarded with emails, Twitter, texts, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, podcasts, cable news and whatever the latest media invention happens to be. In fact, there’s so much “noise” you often fail to hear what you really need to hear. So for heaven’s sake, start listening so you will hear how God loves you before you ever know it. How God loves you just the way you are. How God loves you when you mess up. How God loves you when you don’t return God’s love. How God loves you passionately. How God loves you personally. How God loves you eternally. And then after you hear how God loves you – whether it’s for the first time or the ten-thousandth time – give thanks and praise to God that you have just heard the single most important thing you’ll ever hear.

Love God Back

You never have to do anything to receive God’s love. But you always have to be intentional if you are going to love God back in those moments when it seems easier to simply walk away. So how do you do it? Be absolutely honest with God – especially when that’s pretty scary. Do things you’ve never done – especially when you’re not sure how. Be prepared to pay a price for doing what God wants you to do – especially when you run into opposition from people who do not like what you’re doing. But most of all, trust God who will be in front of you, behind you and beside you helping you every step of the way. Because once you absolutely, totally and completely trust God, you’ve got everything you’ll need to love God back just the way God wants you to.