God and You

You know what it’s like when someone says exactly the right thing in exactly the right way at exactly the right time. It’s truly a remarkable experience – maybe even miraculous – because you experience how God has used that person to speak to you. But have you ever considered that God wants you to deliver a word from God to someone who needs to hear it? You probably are ready to put up a pretty good argument why you can’t possibly do it. But here’s the deal. If God wants to use you to reach out and help someone else, you’re more than capable of doing it. So invite God to speak to you, listen carefully when God does and share God’s word of grace, healing, hope or accountability with that person who needs to hear it. Then get ready to be amazed at what God and you can do!

Discover Your Real Self

You accomplish a great deal, have many responsibilities and fill lots of different roles. And they are important. To you, your family and even people you do not know. But sometimes in the swirl of life you can forget that there’s one thing more important than anything else in your life: your identity as a child of God. This is the single most important thing about you and it shapes how you understand yourself, deal with others, care for those you love, allocate your time, spend your money, deal with life’s most difficult moments and cope when you mess up. So how do you claim your true self? Embrace God who already has embraced you. You won’t get it right all the time. And you’ll still do those things you don’t want to do. But bit-by-bit you’ll discover your real self – a beloved child of God.

Thanking God

It happens whether you’re ready or not. Life begins tanking. And the results are almost always the same – doubt, despair and depression. But as hard as it is, you still have to figure out how you’re going to deal with what’s going on in your life. So what if your first response would always be to do the very thing you least feel like doing – thanking God! Thanking God for loving you even when you don’t love yourself. Thanking God for holding you tight and never letting go. Thanking God for healing you in the ways you need most. Thanking God for giving you new life in the midst of your life that’s coming unraveled. Thanking God for transforming you into the person God dreams for you to be. And thanking God for making hope real. It may not make much sense. But it always makes a huge difference.


A Sunday Prayer 8/28/16

Good morning God!

It’s another Sunday. We religious types love to call it “Your day”. But the fact of the matter every day is Your day. Which means something pretty basic about my life. Every single day I live because of You. In You. With You. And for You.

So, God, help me really make today Your day. In how I think, feel, decide, act, laugh, cry, react, celebrate, hurt, hope, live and, when the time comes, die.

Yes, God, let today be Your day. Starting right now. And lasting into all eternity.


From Hurt to Hope

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would take away your problems, take that first step to reach out to you when you hurt and meet every one of your needs? Of course, but that’s not how life works. Even more importantly, you would be missing out on one of life’s most awesome experiences – how God uses your problems, mistakes, mess-ups, struggles, pain, failure and disappointments to help you get to a better place than you ever could have without them. This doesn’t mean God causes these things to happen so God can then use them for good. But it does mean God doesn’t waste a single one of your hurtful moments to help you to become the person God dreams for you to be. While it’s often painful, God’s mysterious act of healing allows you to embrace everything that happens as an opportunity to experience how God takes your hurt and turns it into hope.