Whether it’s emails, tweets, texts, snapchat, instagram, facebook, 24-hour cable news or internet stories – you’re inundated with information every moment you’re awake. So much so, you hardly can digest it. More to the point, there’s so much noise you often miss what God wants you to hear. So listen carefully today. Listen when you’re happy – and sad. Listen when you’re busy – and quiet. Listen when you’re filled with faith – and struggling to believe. Listen and hear how God loves you before you know it; how God loves you just the way you are; how God loves you when you mess up; how God loves you when you don’t return God’s love; how God loves you passionately; how; God loves you personally; and how God loves you eternally. When you hear what God is saying – whether for the first time or for the ten-thousandth time – you’ll see everything in a brand new way.