I see it everywhere I look.


Horrible destructive violence. Deadly violence. Religious violence. Ideological violence. National violence. Racial violence. Governmental violence. Individual violence. And random violence.

And who gets hurt?

The victims and their families as they grieve and try to put back together their lives. The perpetrators who descend into the living hell that comes from living apart from You. All of us who live in a world that has diminished Your gift of life to us. But most of all, the children. The innocent children. The children You cherish infinitely. The children who grow up thinking this kind of violence is normal.

So I pray today not just with words, but also from the depths of my spirit.

I pray for the children. For their safety. Their souls. Their understanding of life. Their future.

May we stop focusing on ourselves and start focusing on the children. Not when we win or are ready or think it’s convenient. But right now. Right here.

May it be so.