You’ve done it again. You’ve surprised me with Your amazing grace when I least expected it. And I thank You with all of my heart, mind, strength and spirit.

However, I need to tell You something. Your amazing grace is also more than a little disrupting because it forces me to see that there is more. A whole lot more. More than just my comfort. More than just my view of the world. More than just the way I think things should work. More than just being religious. More than just my political views.

So I’ve got to do something. I want to do something. And I’m ready for You to give me what I need but can never get on my own. New eyes to see. New ears to hear. A new mind to understand. A new heart to feel. A new will to act.

I know it won’t be easy. And I’ll certainly fail when I least want to. But I know You’ll always stick with me and never give up on me. And that’s really all I need.