It’s happened again. This time in Baton Rouge where three police officers were murdered and a fourth is fighting to live. It is a yet another tragedy beyond description. It is also just one more example of a new – and frightening – world that is emerging. It’s a world characterized by political, ideological and religious fracturing; unfiltered rhetoric on social media that cares little for the consequences of what is stated; and video technology that allows us to ‘experience’ violence, often in real time. We are in a crisis that can be described in many ways, but the single most accurate description is to call it what it is – a spiritual crisis. This means we need to understand it, analyze it and seek to address it only after immersing ourselves in Scripture, opening ourselves in prayer, discerning God’s will and acting in ways that are empowered by the Holy Spirit. The question, however, is daunting. Are we ready?