A new day is dawning on this planet of some seven billion human beings. For many, it will be just another day of pain and despair. For others, hopelessness will fill every crack and crevice of their existence. But for some, it will be a day filled with new possibilities.

Pour out Your healing upon all who need it, whether they know it or not. Give Your eternal hope that begins right now to those who have lost their way. Shower Your vision on those who are ready to embrace abundant life in You.

But do something else also, Lord. Make each of us keenly aware that a new day is dawning for us as well. Which means we, too, experience the reality of pain and despair, hopelessness and the longing for abundant life all – often all at the same time.

So as You pour out Your healing, eternal hope and eternal possibilities on us, help each of us fully receive Your gift. Even more importantly, help us to dwell in it. Not just in the moment. But every bit of today, all of tomorrow and into eternity itself.