It’s Father’s Day.

Another one of those made-up holidays.

And, yet, this day has become so much more.

It’s a day of fond memories, happy celebrations and deep love.

But, sadly, it’s also a day of deep pain.

For too many children have struggled with their fathers.

And too many fathers have struggled with their children.

Lord, bless all fathers.

Those who are great fathers.

And those who have failed as fathers.

Lord, bless their children.

Those who celebrate their fathers.

Those who mourn their fathers.

Those who have been failed by their fathers.

And those who are being reconciled to their fathers.

Lord, fill all fathers with Your grace.

Bring them repentance, healing and transformation.

Give them a vision of how You call them to father.

Make them strongly tender.

Compassionately righteous.

And spiritually real.

And, Lord, help all fathers cling to You.

Today, tomorrow, and forever more with everything they’ve got.