Every Day a Holy Day

You’re not particularly holy. Never had a ginormous, life defining, you’ll-never-doubt-again God experience. And won’t be seen as a great spiritual leader. You’re an ordinary person who prays, reads scripture, loves God, follows Jesus and tries to live your life the best you can every single day. But that’s exactly where God comes in. Literally. Because God offers you the fullness of divine presence right in the middle of your everyday life with all of its joys, routines, struggles, disappointments and responsibilities. Suddenly ordinary occasions become sacred moments. Driving your child to school becomes a time for holy conversation. A family dinner becomes a sacred gathering. A tragic death becomes a moment of eternal hope. A crisis becomes an opportunity for new life. Work becomes an occasion to serve others. In a very real – but equally mysterious – way, God makes every day a holy day.

A Never-Ending Tug of War

You may have realized it yesterday. Or maybe you will later today. Or perhaps it will finally dawn on you tomorrow. But when it does – and it will – you will realize you’ve been caught in a never-ending tug of war. Pulling you in one direction is your desire to be in control, do things your way and experience success in the eyes of the world. Pulling you in the other direction is God’s call on your life, your desire to get more serious about your relationship with God and your passion about going deeper in your faith. So how do you get unstuck from this never-ending back-and-forth? Let God who seeks you out right into the middle of your real life overwhelm you with grace that empowers you to do what you long to have happen, but can never accomplish on your own – let God win.

The Reason Is Simple

Sometimes things get personal. Really personal. And try as you might, you can’t keep them at arm’s length. It’s not just pain – it’s your pain. Not simply struggle – it’s your struggle. Not merely grief – it’s your grief. But you buck up, try to show you’re in control and act like it doesn’t affect you. But it does. And you know it. Which means it is in that moment when you most fight to be in control that you actually need to do the opposite – be real, human and vulnerable with yourself, with others and, most importantly, with God. The reason is simple. You experience God’s compassion through your failures. God’s strength through your weakness. God’s healing through your deepest despair. And God’s presence through your weakness. Sure it’s hard to understand. But that’s okay. Because experiencing God’s love is far more important than understanding it.  

If You Do

Jesus walked right into the middle of all the muck, sin, hate, suffering and greed of life. It’s hard to imagine how much his heart hurt when so many of those he had come to save turned away. It’s even harder to imagine how he felt when they betrayed him. But he did the most amazing thing – he used their betrayal for God’s glory. He chose to embrace what they were doing to him. Chose to open his heart to their corruption, idolatry, greed and sin. Chose to cover these things with his love. Chose to let them take their best shot. And chose to let God unleash the fullness of God’s love in the midst of his personal pain, suffering and despair. Today you can choose to open your heart to this love that absolutely cherishes you and will do anything for you. And if you do, you can begin to experience new life.  

A Sunday Prayer 05/22/16

Dear Lord,

I need Your love.

But I need more than just the idea of it, what I read about it or what I believe about it. I need the reality of it – it’s unconditional, proactive, saving, healing, transforming, hopeful and eternal power.

So open the floodgates and send it.

More than I can possibly imagine, more than I can handle and more than I can contain. Let it shape every fiber of my being – how I understand who I am, make sense of my life and choose to live.

Yes, Lord, send Your love right now. Because I need it more than ever. And I need all of it I can get.

And when it comes – which I know it will because it already has – let it change me more than I can ever dream!