Your grace is far more abundant than we can ever begin to imagine. And we’re thankful, because we know what a gift it is and how we don’t deserve it.

But we also know ourselves well enough to confess that we often only want that part of Your grace that accepts us as we are, no ifs, ands or buts. And that’s why we need You to do something we can’t do on our own.

We need You to enable us to experience Your transforming grace that loves us so powerfully that You melt, mold, fill and use us so we become the people You have created us to be.

So, Lord, here and now we open ourselves completely and totally to You. Here and now we follow Jesus with more passion than we ever have before. And here and now we seek the Holy Spirit to fill us with the Power of Pentecost once again.

Sure, we know we’ll mess up and fall short. That’s just a given. But we give You thanks and praise that we are more because You are You.