The Most Important Thing

You could look closely at what’s going on in your life, fully understand it and, even, legitimately complain about it – but there’s something far more important you need to do today. You could focus all of your time, energy and resources to accomplish yet another thing on your bucket list – but there’s something far more important you need to do today. You could come up with all kinds of excuses that make you feel much better about why things in your life haven’t worked out the way you want – but there’s something more important you need to do today. So exactly what is this ‘far more important thing’ you need to do today? Seek God, open your heart to God and ask what God wants you to do today – and do it with every ounce of honesty, sincerity and vulnerability you possess. Because when you start by doing this, you’ve started with the most important thing.

Memorial Day

Life is filled with deep pain, including the reality that our nation sometimes needs to go to war to protect lives – ours as well as innocents in far-away lands. But while war is sometimes necessary, it is important to understand something. First, war always breaks God’s heart because it is not God’s Will. Second, soldiers know the horror of war better than anyone else and realize it should always be an act of last resort. Third, armed conflict sometimes is necessary and that’s when our fellow citizens – women and men – step forward to willingly risk their lives so we might enjoy the blessings of freedom. So take time today to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the men and women who have kept you safe, stand in harm’s way and are willing to give their lives for you. For in a less-than-perfect world, they offer you an amazing gift.

A Sunday Prayer 05/29/16


There are lots of people grieving. Some I’ll never meet. Some I know. And some I love dearly.

They grieve at the death of someone they love. Or a lost dream. A broken relationship. The theft of innocence. An illness that debilitates them. And even their own impending death.

The list of things that causes grief seems endless – because it is. But, Lord, so is your love. So send it, Lord. Send it in waves. Then send some more. Until it fills to overflowing all who grieve.

May they experience Your closeness. Your care. Your healing. Your love. And especially Your hope. May I experience Your closeness. Your care. Your healing. Your love. And especially Your hope.

I pray this trusting in the power of Your promise.


A Life of Significance

Real life is often really tough. You do things you regret, suffer for no apparent reason and have to deal with bad people who do horrible things. No wonder you yearn for God to give you sanctuary from everything that threatens to overwhelm you. But don’t look for God to wave a heavenly wand that zaps your troubles. In fact, understand that God sometimes wants your life to be more difficult so you will embrace things that seem risky and scary, even impossible. Like not hiding from others’ suffering, but sharing God’s transforming love. Not running away from problems, but making a difference. And not turning your back on people who make you uncomfortable, but reaching out to them as sisters and brothers. So don’t ask God to make life easy, as tempting as that may be. Ask God to help you live a life of significance.

The Unique You

You share something in common with every single human being on the face of earth: hopes and dreams, a yearning to succeed, and a desire to do something significant that leaves your mark on the world. This impulse is so powerful you spend a lifetime trying to achieve it. And sometimes you succeed. But far too often you fail, get distracted along the way or simply give up. So what if you were to start with the assumption that you don’t have to prove, achieve or do anything? That you already have everything you need because God loves you as a precious child, saves, heals and transforms you, and gives you a unique purpose. Suddenly your life is not about proving something. It’s focused simply on responding to the divine love that frees you to the live as the unique you God has created you to be.