A Sunday Prayer 4/10/16


Sometimes I pray with impressive words, beautiful phrases and profound thoughts.

And what truly matters seems to get lost. So today it’s just about You, real life and how You are calling me to pray on behalf of others.

I pray for those who do not know the forgiving, healing and transforming love of Jesus.

I pray for those who have no hope, are hurting and experience never-ending loneliness.

I pray for those who are have sexually abused, hurt by the church and betrayed by those who should love them most.

I pray for those who are addicted, depressed and hopeless.

I pray for those who have made terrible mistakes, hurt others and tried to live as if they are the only ones who matter.

I pray for those who are hungry, have no access to medical care and are trapped in a cycle of poverty that seems endless.

Lord, give these people Your love that changes everything about everything forever.

Give them the grace You know they need that brings healing, hope and new life.

Give them people who can make a difference. Give them me.



God’s Surprises

You pray for it. Long for it. Look for it. And know it’s exactly what you need. But it doesn’t happen. At least not in the way you’d been hoping. But something does happen. Or, more to the point, God happens. And when God happens you quickly discover what God does is infinitely better than anything you could ever come up with on your own. Which is why you should spend a whole lot less energy telling God what to do and a whole lot more energy tuning in to what God already is doing in your life. Because when you figure out what God’s up to – even if it’s different from what you tried to get God to do – you will come face-to-face with one of the most liberating truths you’ll ever discover: your certainties will never begin to measure up to God’s surprises.

“That’s Always More Than Enough”

Sadly, you too often you conclude that you’re not enough – not faithful enough, worthy enough, smart enough, disciplined enough or any of dozens of other ‘enoughs’ you can think of. The result? You find yourself in a really bad place you just can’t get out of on your own. That’s when it’s time to make a decision – and that’s exactly what it is – to see your life in a brand new way. Not as something for which you are solely responsible – and which will probably leave you bloodied and bruised. But as an incredibly exciting joint venture with God, who is more powerful than all the ‘not enoughs’ stung together. Joining with God means you’ve got God – and that always means you’ve got God’s unconditional love, God’s presence, God’s commitment, God’s vision, God’s persistence and God’s hope. And that’s always more than enough.

God Check

You probably struggle through more days than you want to admit. Then, when you start getting honest about your life, you have to face the fact there are lots of times you don’t feel very close to God. And, in spite of all your best efforts, you know you sometimes feel pretty hopeless about the future. That’s when it’s time for a God check. Your God check begins by getting real about how you feel and what you struggle with. It continues by being open to God who will do anything to help you experience a love so passionate there is nothing that can happen that is outside of God’s transforming work. And it concludes with you deciding you are going to really trust a very real God who really loves you in real ways that really changes everything about everything forever!

Getting Back to Basics

You’re the only one who can take care of your health, improve your marriage, manage your finances and get serious about your relationship with God. But, too often, you do more than merely take responsibility for your life – you act like you’re solely responsible for it as you accumulate money, protect yourself and try to do it all your way. That’s why you need to keep getting back to basics. Begin with God’s radical love instead of trying to be in charge of your life. Love others instead of making it all about you. And believe all will be well instead of living in fear. Sure it will be hard and you will inevitably fail. But you also will make the most important discovery you can make in life. God is with you all the time. God will keep picking you up when you fall. And God’s love always wins.