Sometimes I pray with impressive words, beautiful phrases and profound thoughts.

And what truly matters seems to get lost. So today it’s just about You, real life and how You are calling me to pray on behalf of others.

I pray for those who do not know the forgiving, healing and transforming love of Jesus.

I pray for those who have no hope, are hurting and experience never-ending loneliness.

I pray for those who are have sexually abused, hurt by the church and betrayed by those who should love them most.

I pray for those who are addicted, depressed and hopeless.

I pray for those who have made terrible mistakes, hurt others and tried to live as if they are the only ones who matter.

I pray for those who are hungry, have no access to medical care and are trapped in a cycle of poverty that seems endless.

Lord, give these people Your love that changes everything about everything forever.

Give them the grace You know they need that brings healing, hope and new life.

Give them people who can make a difference. Give them me.