Jesus knew on Wednesday what was awaiting him – betrayal, pain, humiliation, torture and death. He wasn’t looking forward to it, but he knew faithfulness to God demanded that he keep pressing forward. In today’s ‘church world’, however, it’s become far too easy to equate faithfulness with beauty, wealth, popularity, success, material goods and greatness. That’s why you need to understand in the depth of your soul that being a Jesus follower often challenges you to make difficult, often unpopular, choices. But God’s grace is present even in these most agonizing moments. Because every hard choice is an incredible opportunity to experience – maybe for the first time and maybe for the thousandth time – that the only way you can ever be truly faithful is to trust Jesus to take you by the hand, lead you step by step and help you keep moving ahead. So go ahead and do what your heart longs to do – take his hand.