You are created in the image of God. And that makes you special, amazing and blessed. But guess what? So is every other human being you’ll ever encounter – even those with whom you radically disagree. All of which means you have to decide exactly how you are going to treat these people, all the time honoring the fact that they, too, are created in God’s image and loved by God just as much as God loves you. Of course, you have to set appropriate boundaries, call them out when they’ve crossed the line and try to convince them to see the light. But you also have to be willing to get to know them, treat them with the fundamental respect they are due since they are God’s children and learn to love them even when that’s the very last thing you want to do. It’s a tough tightrope walk. But, somehow, in a world marked by increased polarization in which people feel entitled to lash out whenever they feel like it, it just may be some of the most important work you can do on God’s behalf.